Beatles Band On The Run

The Beatles – Band On The Run 1973

Paul’s recurring idea to try to start performing live was rejected again by the other members of the band. They wanted to play together but not live.

So they met again in the studio and the result was probably their best album in 70s, although very short, only with five tracks on each side. The boys just don’t listen to my good advice and make their songs longer and longer.

At least in the title song they recalled Beatlemania and the busy times at the beginning of their career.

Side One:

  1. Band On The Run
  2. Mind Games
  3. Living In The Material World
  4. Jet
  5. Out The Blue

Side Two:

  1. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
  2. I Know (I Know)
  3. Photograph
  4. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
  5. Live And Let Die
Beatles Band On The Run

It was mainly Paul´s album but all four contributed great songs to the record, and even Ringo pulled a real ace from his sleeve. With the little help of his friend George.

Right after finishing the Imagine album, they were assigned to write the theme song for the next Bond film, and they eventually used it on their new record as well.

2 thoughts on “The Beatles – Band On The Run 1973

  1. Once again great but just wondering if 1985 should be the last song so the album begins Band On The Run and ends with it ?

    1. That was of course my initial thought, too. But if you have Live And Let Die on the tapes, you simply have to use it as a closing song of the album. There´s no other choice 🙂 And starting side two of the record with a short reprise of Band on the Run isn’t such a bad idea, is it?

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