Beatles Get Back

The Beatles – Get Back 1970

Let’s start in 1970. Abbey Road was released seven months ago and the Beatles began to deal with what to do next. Paul eventually persuaded the other three to try not to throw away the awful lot of work they did during the recording of Get Back.

With the help of his father-in-law’s lawyers, Paul made Phil Spector have to return the original tapes, and the initially planned Get Back came out as it should. In the end, the other three gladly admitted that it was the right decision.

The opening and closing songs remain the same. And then I made just a few changes.

First of all, I kept the original LP version of Let it be, especially because of George’s solo. Although I understand that Paul wanted to get rid of Spector’s overproduction, just as I can’t stand it at ATMP, the rough solo was just supposed to stay the same as on the record. The original version is simply better and fits perfectly. The other solos are too soft, weak and a bit dull.

The same goes for Don’t Let Me Down. I don’t quite understand why he didn’t choose the livelier and more entertaining version recorded on the roof and used the too calm and too quiet one instead. That´s not getting back as I would expect. The naked version sounds boring to me.

Another thing I adjusted a bit is that I squeezed one more of George’s songs in there. Not that Old Brown Shoe is of top quality, but why not? There is enough space for that.

And as always, in the end I played around a little with the order of the songs. This way, both sides of the record seem more balanced to me.


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  1. Great version,I got as much enjoyment out of listening to this as I do with the Beatles version👍

    1. Thanks. But that’s not a very encouraging comment considering my versions are supposed to be better than the originals 🙂

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