Beatles All Things Must Pass

The Beatles – All Things Must Pass 1971

The main talking points at that famous meeting at Apple HQ in Saville Row are generally well known. They were considering making a new album plus a Christmas single, all future albums should be divided equally — four songs each for the three main writers, plus one or two for Ringo “if he wants them”, as John nicely put, and Paul will give his granny songs, like Maxwell’s Silver Hammer, to other artists rather than force The Beatles to record them.

So, for the next recording sessions, it was decided that Paul will stop being so bossy, Yoko will not sit on amps in the studio and will pay for all the Oreos, and George will get more opportunities on the record.

The title of the album was therefore a clear and obvious choice.

Side One:

  1. Instant Karma
  2. Maybe I’m Amazed
  3. What Is Life
  4. Every Night
  5. Isolation
  6. Isn’t It A Pity v.1

Side Two:

  1. Mother
  2. Another Day
  3. Love
  4. It Don’t Come Easy
  5. Oh Woman, Oh Why
  6. All Things Must Pass
Beatles All Things Must Pass

There are songs on the album that have already been rehearsed on Get Back sessions. Other songs that the others disagreed on, would be released under their own names as solo singles.

Both John and Paul have four songs, Ringo one. George wasted his opportunity to have the equal space and also four songs by doing a stupid 4-minute-long outro on Isn’t It A Pity. Seriously guys, I still don’t get it, really. Why do you do that? So at least he helped Ringo with It Don´t Come Easy.

The obvious problem with these compilations is that all four Beatles recorded with different producer so the sound is not the same. And that can be sometimes annoying .

We have to imagine in our heads that if all songs would be arranged and recorded under George Martin´s supervision, the album would sound more compact. Apart from that, as a fan I would be happy with LP like that.

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  1. Yoko will pay for all the Oreo’s🤣yes I concur,I’d be happy if this was a Beatles album👍

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