Let’s carry on rewriting history. A few more years we can enjoy with The Beatles and maybe improve the past a bit using an alternative timeline. Although it can be questionable and it still is a subject open to debate. In the end, all four later admitted that they probably broke up at the right time anyway before they turned into Fat Elvis.

But that doesn’t stop us from thinking, does it? What if…? All we needed was a relatively decent dictator.. 

Fifty years and fans still don´t want to accept it. At least some of them. And me neither. I heard a call from John, who in one of his interviews suggested to fans who didn’t want to accept the band’s breakup just to pick their favourite songs from solo albums and create their own Beatles. 

I know there are hundreds, maybe thousands of similar efforts. Internet is full of different versions of the Beatles’ alternative history. Some of them are good, some not so much. But they all are interesting. And entertaining.

Unfortunately, most of fans just pick their favoured songs from each year and put them on the record. Almost just like the Beatles themselves did at the beginning of their careers.

But that’s not how it works. Or how it should be done. I try to make Beatles albums. They must have strong openers and suitable closing songs, the whole album should flow smoothly and songs follow each other effortlessly. It also means that sometimes there will be songs that you would not expect. Or would not want. Especially John’s devotees. Simply because Paul would force the others to do them. Or more precisely, they wouldn’t fight him, like they couldn’t when making Maxwell or Ob-La-Di. They would just give up. (We heard that before.. I´ll play, you know, whatever you want me to play.. or I won´t play at all if you don´t want me to play.. Whatever it is that will please you, I´ll do it) And that’s absolutely fine. Because it’s the diversity, the different styles, the variance or the depth or whatever we want to call it, that’s what makes the Beatles what they are.

Lots of other fans also try to use basically every song they’ve done each year. So they make double, sometimes triple albums. I don’t think that’s necessary. Many songs from the 70’s are just not the Beatles standard. That’s why I used only the best ones.

I always wanted to do it. To extend The Beatles’ career for at least another five years. So I’m fulfilling my childhood dream now, and maybe that inspires some of you to try to make your alternate universe. I wonder how much you will like or hate some of the songs I chose and how different your albums would be. 

I’ve made my job easier with album titles, I admit.  And the covers are nothing special either, but I’m not Klaus Voormann. And it was fun to make them.

So here are five more years and five more albums as they might have looked like in my universe. And then maybe some compilations when they run out of money. Perhaps even a surprising reunion in 1980, when John finally left Yoko and climbed out of the cave back to the Earth’s surface..

Beatles Get Back

Get Back 1970

Let's start in 1970. Paul, with the help of his father-in-law's lawyers, forced Phil Spector to return the tapes, and the originally planned Get Back came out as initially intended. In the end, the other three gladly admitted that it was the right decision.

Beatles All Things Must Pass

All Things Must Pass 1971

After the famous meeting, it was decided that Paul will stop being so bossy, Yoko will not sit on amps in the studio, and George will get more opportunities on the record. The title of the next album was therefore a clear and obvious choice.

Beatles Imagine

Imagine 1972

After several months when all four Beatles released their own Non-Beatles singles, they found out that without the contributions of the others, their solo recordings were somehow incomplete. So they met again in the studio and recorded another great album.

Beatles Band On The Run

Band On The Run 1973

Paul's recurring idea to try to start performing live was rejected again by the other members of the band. Nevertheless, at least in the title song of the next studio album they recalled Beatlemania and the busy times at the beginning of their career.

Beatles Goodnight Vienna

Goodnight Vienna 1974

The originally planned giant outdoor comeback concert at the Vienna Prater did not take place in the end, so only the title and Ringo's song written by John specifically for this occasion remained on the album.

Beatles Mach Schau

Mach Schau 1975

After the canceled Vienna concert, The Beatles decided to return to their roots the following year, recall the best time of their lives and record the next album in a small underground studio in Hamburg, Germany.

Beatles Green Album 1971-1975

The Beatles Green Album 1971-1975

Ending a successful series of selections of the Beatles' greatest hits. After the Red and Blue double albums comes a Green album and a farewell to The Beatles. Or not..?

Beatles Imagine 2LP

Imagine Super Deluxe Edition 2LP 1978

Between 1976 and 1979, when the Beatles were hibernating or enjoying other activities, their label began to slowly run out of money. So they started searching the vaults again.