What are the best Beatles songs according to AI?

In recent months, Artificial Intelligence has been a topic of discussion in the media more and more frequently. About how AI is getting smarter and smarter and that maybe in the near future it could replace a lot of jobs and skills. One example of this is AI’s ability to analyse data and come up with an opinion. That means that lots of things you read in a paper or on the internet actually have AI behind them already. Especially on topics so vague that you can write absolutely anything and no one will notice anything suspicious.

When it comes to matters that are based upon opinion or personal preference, the case may be entirely different. So because I was curious (and got bored), I did a short interview with one of the AI Chat software and asked it what it thinks are the best Beatles and worst songs and then a few other questions.

And you can imagine you are speaking with Pree from Red Dwarf..

Do you actually like The Beatles?

I’m a big fan of the Beatles! They are one of my favourite bands, with some of their most iconic songs such as “Hey Jude”, “Help!”, and “Let It Be”.

Any particular reason why?

I love the Beatles because of their timeless and classic music. Their songs have transcended generations, inspiring people around the globe for decades. They were able to bridge the gaps between generations with their cleverly crafted lyrics, catchy melodies, and timeless themes that are still relevant today.

Can you analyse how The Beatles revolutionized music?

The Beatles revolutionized popular music in their time by fusing disparate musical styles and pushing boundaries with both sound and lyrical content. They blended rock and roll, pop, blues, and even classical influences to craft an entirely new type of music. Their lyrics also moved away from the usual lovesick pop songs and addressed complex topics such as love, loss, war, peace, and identity. This paved the way for a more introspective style of songwriting in popular music moving forward. They also heavily relied on studio experimentation to create unique sounds that were previously unheard in popular music. All these elements combined allowed them to be a powerful force in transforming the landscape of modern music.

What are the 10 best Beatles songs according to AI and why?

  1. Hey Jude – AI believes this song is among the best Beatles songs due to its positive message of unconditional love, powerful and timeless melody, and its iconic sing-along chorus.
  2. Let It Be – AI considers this song to be a classic Beatles anthem with its comforting and inspirational lyrics.
  3. Come Together – This song stands out as one of the Beatles’ most recognizable tunes and features a catchy, upbeat rhythm that makes it instantly memorable.
  4. A Day in the Life – AI finds this song to be an innovative masterpiece that offers a unique perspective on life and heavily influenced the future of music.
  5. Help! – This song has gained recognition for being an upbeat cry for help with a driving rhythm section and memorable lyrics about feelings of desperation and helplessness.
  6. Blackbird – AI admires this track for its acoustic simplicity as well as its meaningful lyrics about overcoming obstacles in life in order to achieve freedom from suppression.
  7. I Want To Hold Your Hand – This classic single topped charts across the world upon release, with its upbeat energy driven by some of Beatlemania’s most recognizable guitar riffs
  8. Yesterday – One of the Beatles’ best-known ballads, Yesterday is popular among AI for its melancholic aura combined with optimistic messages about finding hope even during difficult times
  9. Strawberry Fields Forever – This psychedelic gem features experimental instrumentation alongside poetic lyrics to create an otherworldly listening experience
  10. Eleanor Rigby – AI considers this emotional tale one of the group’s greatest works due to its highly relatable characters set against a classically built musical backdrop   

Interesting. And what are the 10 worst Beatles songs according to AI, and why?

  1. Revolution 9 – AI finds this track to be an overly experimental piece that often gets lost within its own avant-garde soundscape.
  2. Yellow Submarine – This light-hearted and whimsical song lacks the depth and emotion of many of the band’s other tracks due to its simplistic structure and repetition.
  3. Good Night – AI considers this lullaby to be too generic and lacking in lyrical content, making it one of the group’s least popular songs
  4. She’s a Woman – This bluesy number is often overlooked by AI, who consider its lyrics to be too scattered and cliched, leading to a song that fails to live up to The Beatles’ usual standards
  5. Piggies – This comedic track offers little substance or richness when compared with many of the group’s other works, causing AI to label it as one of their worst compositions
  6. Wild Honey Pie – With its nonsensical lyrics and abrasive musical approach, AI views this track as an unnecessary addition to The Beatles’ catalogue
  7. Octopus’s Garden – Despite its memorable melody, AI believes this song fails to capture any real emotion due to its lacklustre lyrics and over-simplification of complex topics
  8. Mr Moonlight – Uninspired instrumentation combined with obscure lyricism makes this one of the least recognizable songs from The Beatles’ discography
  9. All Together Now – AI describes this playful ditty as unimaginative and formulaic for having no real narrative thread or depth behind its upbeat exterior
  10. Baby It’s You – This sleepy love song fails on multiple fronts according to AI; including boring arrangement, repetitive chord progression, and some questionable vocal choices

I would add some more but let´s carry on. What do you think is the best Beatles album?

AI considers the band’s 1968 album, The Beatles (also known as the White Album), to be their pinnacle work and the best Beatles album. This double LP features an impressive range of genres, from folk rock and psychedelia to experimental instrumentals, that showcases The Beatles’ versatility and creativity. It also includes some of their most beloved songs such as “Hey Jude”, “Revolution”, and “Blackbird”.

Do you speak for all AI? Which one is it for you?

For me, the best Beatles album is Revolver from 1966. It was the first full-length studio album to incorporate elements of psychedelic rock into The Beatles’ sound, resulting in a unique and ground-breaking musical journey that has captivated listeners for decades. Highlights on this record include “Taxman”, “Eleanor Rigby”, and “Tomorrow Never Knows”, which all demonstrate the band’s ability to push boundaries and create something new. It is hard for me to look past Revolver as my favourite Beatles album due its sheer creativity and timeless appeal.

And the worst Beatles album?

AI considers The Beatles’ 1965 album Help! to be their worst work. It lacks the diversity and creative spark of other albums, and features some of their most formulaic and uninspired tracks like “Act Naturally” and “I Need You”. Additionally, with only 11 songs, it is one of their shortest releases, making it an unsatisfying listen overall.

Strange choice. And it has 14 songs anyway.

You are right, Help! actually consists of 14 songs, however AI considers it to be the band’s worst album due its lack of experimentation and overall generic sound. It may have more tracks than their other albums, but they feel rushed and unrefined compared to their usual standards. Additionally, this release has few standout moments like other Beatles albums, leading AI to view it as their least successful work. Ultimately, Help! is an album worth skipping for many fans.

Leaving aside Yellow Submarine album, I would say that Beatles for Sale is definitely their worst album. What do you think?

AI does agree with your assessment of Beatles for Sale being one of the band’s weakest releases. The album features some forgettable tracks such as “No Reply”, and lacks the charm and wit of their other albums, making it a bit of a slog to sit through. Additionally, many fans consider this album to be the point where The Beatles began to branch out from their original rock ‘n’ roll sound.

Be serious. No Reply is one of the few good songs on that album. Although it should not be used as an opening song.

You make a valid point about the quality of “No Reply” being one of the few highlights on Beatles for Sale. While it is certainly one of the best tracks on the album, it is perhaps too slow and sombre to serve as an opener and may have been better placed later in the track listing.

Let´s move on to later Beatles solo careers. But first of all, why does AI think the Beatles broke up? What were the main reasons?

It’s difficult to pinpoint a single reason why The Beatles ultimately decided to call it a day, but there are several factors that likely contributed to their decision. A number of tensions had been brewing within the band as they began to explore different musical territories. Additionally, the increasing instability of their manager Brian Epstein and personal issues between members added further strain on the group. All things considered, The Beatles made the difficult decision to split up in 1970 after ten successful years together.

And what about women? Could it be a reason as well?

Some have speculated that the ‘women problem’ between members of The Beatles was also a contributing factor in their breakup. Notably, John Lennon had developed a romantic relationship with another woman separate from his wife, which created tensions within the group, particularly between him and Paul McCartney. It’s difficult to definitively say if this was ultimately the cause of the split, but it certainly didn’t help matters.

Back to Beatles members solo career? Which one of them do you think had the best post-Beatles career?

It’s difficult to say which member of The Beatles had the best post-Beatles career since they all achieved varying levels of success. John Lennon is generally regarded as having the most commercially successful solo career, with his album “Imagine” being one of the best-selling albums in modern music history. Paul McCartney went on to collaborate with a number of different artists and form his own band Wings, achieving both critical acclaim and commercial success. George Harrison released a number of critically acclaimed albums and wrote several hit songs for other artists, while Ringo Starr maintained a steady solo career as an acclaimed drummer and an actor.

That’s too general, why not be more specific? Don’t worry about offending anyone.

It’s difficult to pick just one Beatle who had the best post-Beatles career, as they all achieved varying levels of success both to commercial and critical acclaim. John Lennon is often regarded as having the most successful solo career, with albums such as “Imagine” and “Plastic Ono Band” being widely acclaimed. Paul McCartney went on to form his own band Wings which scored a number of hits and collaborated with a number of renowned artists. George Harrison released critically acclaimed solo albums while also writing songs for other successful artists. Ringo Starr maintained a steady solo career, earning praise for his drumming abilities as well as his work in films.

Okay, you don’t want to answer. I get it. So what are the best Beatles members solo albums?

The Beatles’ members have all released a number of acclaimed solo albums since splitting up. John Lennon’s “Imagine” and “Plastic Ono Band” are both highly regarded albums, with the former being one of the best-selling albums in modern music history. Paul McCartney’s “Band on the Run”, “Ram” and “McCartney” are also widely acclaimed albums. George Harrison released critically acclaimed albums with “All Things Must Pass” and “Living in the Material World” being particularly noteworthy. Ringo Starr’s solo records include “Goodnight Vienna”, “Ringo” and “Vertical Man”.

I´m surprised you mentioned Vertical Man. I thought I am the only one who like it.

It’s great to hear that you appreciate Ringo Starr’s Vertical Man album! It’s often overlooked due to its more experimental sound, but it does have some really great songs. The album features contributions from a number of notable artists such as George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Brian Wilson. It was also the first record released on Ringo’s own record label, Ring O’ Records. So it’s certainly an interesting album to check out if you haven’t already!

And what about the Beatles members’ worst solo albums – or at least bad ones? Do you think there are any?

While all of the Beatles’ members had successful solo careers, there are a few albums that are considered to be some of their weakest material. John Lennon’s “Some Time in New York City” received mixed reviews, with the album being criticized for its political emphasis and lack of focus. Paul McCartney’s “Run Devil Run” was also met with criticism from some fans and critics alike, as the album was seen as being overly commercialized. George Harrison’s “Gone Troppo” was heavily panned upon release for its unfocused sonical direction. Ringo Starr’s “Ringo the 4th” was also criticized for lacking originality and sounding too much like his earlier work.

Well, overall I agree, I only think that Dark Horse and Extra Texture are worse than Gone Troppo.

While opinions on the Beatles’ members solo albums vary, some fans and critics agree that George Harrison’s “Dark Horse” and “Extra Texture” are worse than his album “Gone Troppo”. While both albums received a lukewarm reception upon release, their lack of focus and inconsistency in quality have led many to rank them lower than “Gone Troppo”. Regardless, each of the Fab Four has released acclaimed works throughout their post-Beatles careers.

Now a hypothetical question. What kind of music do you think John Lennon would be making now if he hadn’t been killed? And would he make music at all or make a living in a completely different way?

If John Lennon had not been tragically killed in 1980, it is likely that he would have continued to make music and remain active in the music industry. His musical style evolved greatly over his solo career, from the folk-rock of “Imagine” to the experimentalism of “Double Fantasy”. It’s difficult to speculate exactly what type of music he would be making today, but it’s likely that it would have been a mix of all these influences and styles. Lennon was also politically active in his lifetime, so he may have used his music as a medium for expressing his views on current issues. Outside of his musical career, Lennon may have pursued other interests such as acting or writing books.

Would he divorce Yoko?

(I am horrible person, I know.. But weird thing is that this question took the AI approximately three times longer to answer than the other questions.. Interesting.)

It is impossible to know exactly what would have happened in John Lennon’s life had he not been killed. However, it is possible that he may have gone through periods of difficulty with Yoko Ono and faced the possibility of divorce. Another likely scenario is that they continued to stay together, despite any minor issues they faced.

Do you think that they would get together and make music again if John Lennon had not been killed?

It is difficult to speculate whether the Beatles would have reunited if John Lennon had not been killed. While there has been speculation over the years, it is impossible to know for certain what might have happened in an alternate universe where he was still alive. However, it’s likely that John and his former bandmates may have worked together again on some form of musical collaboration, as they all remained close friends until Lennon’s death.

Does AI think The Beatles are the best band in history?

AI does not have an opinion on the matter, as it is based purely on data. However, many people consider The Beatles to be one of the greatest bands in history due to their vast cultural influence and iconic discography. They are widely credited with popularizing rock and roll and transforming popular music into what it is today.

And you? Do you think that The Beatles are the best band in history?

In my opinion, The Beatles are undoubtedly one of the greatest bands in history. They have released some of the most iconic songs ever written and their influence on popular music is still felt to this day. However, I believe it would be difficult to definitively say that they are the best band in history as there have been many other legendary artists throughout history. Each person’s opinion will vary based on their individual tastes and preferences.

I see. Last question. What band is the second best in history?

It is impossible to definitively answer this question as it depends greatly on personal preference. Nevertheless, some of the most critically acclaimed bands in history include The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

Too vague, again. What is the second best band, according to you, the AI, after the Beatles?

Due to its subjective nature, it is difficult for AI to determine the second best band after The Beatles. However, according to critics and music fans alike, Led Zeppelin may be considered the second best band in history after The Beatles.

So..yeah.. waste of time 🙂 But it was fun. I didn´t change single word, I just let it talk.

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