Beatles Imagine 2LP

The Beatles – Imagine 2LP Super Deluxe Edition

Between 1976 and 1979, when the Beatles were hibernating or enjoying other activities, their label began to slowly run out of money. Their financial advisors tried to convince all four that it really was time to do something again. Unfortunately, the only one who was really interested in any kind of work was Paul.

In a quick meeting they all agreed to give him their full support and let him do whatever he wanted with the Beatles legacy as long as it made some money.

So he first prepared the follow-up to the Red and Blue album, the Green album, which summarized their work from 1971 to 1975. It met with great commercial success.

A year later, the first failure came. A compilation of their favourite rock and roll standards he found on tapes at Abbey Road, recorded over the years during session warm-ups, was not a success and was not even bought by orthodox fans.

In late 1977, George Martin pointed out to Paul that they still had a lot of great songs in the archives from their Imagine recording days and it would be good to release them along with the reissue of the original Imagine.

So they did.

Side One:

  1. Imagine
  2. Dear Boy
  3. Wah-Wah
  4. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey
  5. Gimme Some Truth
  6. Beware Of Darkness

Side Two:

  1. Monkberry Moon Delight
  2. Back Of Boogaloo
  3. Let It Down
  4. Tomorrow
  5. Jealous Guy
  6. The Backseat Of My Car

Side Three:

  1. Ram On
  2. It´s So Hard
  3. My Sweet Lord
  4. How?
  5. Heart Of The Country
  6. How Do You Sleep

Side Four:

  1. Too Many Peope
  2. Oh My Love
  3. Smile Away
  4. I´d Have You Anytime
  5. Crippled Inside
  6. Dear Friend
Beatles Imagine 2LP

I am aware of that some John´s and Paul´s songs are direct insults on each other, so they probably would have never existed if the Beatles were still together and happy. On the other hand, something similar already happened earlier on White Album, or George´s Only A Northern Songs.

So let´s imagine the lyrics would be slightly different. Or not. They enjoyed banter. It´s not important anyway. The music is.

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  1. I take it back,Wah-Wah was the right choice. Just wondering instead of super deluxe do you think some of these tracks would have been on the next album ?

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