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New Beatles Documentary

It Was Fifty Years Ago Today… Sgt Pepper and Beyond

116 mins.
Directed by Alan G. Parker
Starring Hunter Davies, Phillip Norman, Tony Bramwell, Simon Napier-Bell, Pete Best, Andre Barreau, Jenny Boyd…
Release day UK 26. 5. 2017

The new Beatles film explores why the band stopped touring during this period and how Sgt. Pepper was made and recorded at EMI’s Abbey Road Studios in London, and features plenty of archive footage and interviews with people who have been around the Beatles, such as Pete Best, Julia Baird, Barbara O’Donnell, Tony Bramwell, Jenny Boyd, Hunter Davies, Bill Harry, Philip Norman, Steve Turner, Andy Peebles, Fred Kelly and others.

A clip from new Beatles documentary It Was Fifty Years Ago Today! Sgt Pepper And Beyond has been released ahead of the film’s official launch.

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