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Top 10 Beatles Books

What is THE best Beatles book? Thousands of books about The Beatles have been published and sold around the world in last 50 years. Some are precious gems and a significant contribution to world literature, some of them garbage written only for pulling money from pockets of never-fully-satisfied Beatles fans. Another thing is that ridiculous […]

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Top 10 Essential Books about/by John Lennon

John Lennon, An artist, a music legend. Witty and spirited as well as a gentle and sensitive poet and brilliant musician. Sometimes an arrogant cynic, later a quiet house husband. That’s why he is also the subject of many books and biographies. It is not easy to pick out those few with real high-quality and […]

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New Beatles Documentary

It Was Fifty Years Ago Today… Sgt Pepper and Beyond 116 mins. Directed by Alan G. Parker Starring Hunter Davies, Phillip Norman, Tony Bramwell, Simon Napier-Bell, Pete Best, Andre Barreau, Jenny Boyd… Release day UK 26. 5. 2017 The new Beatles film explores why the band stopped touring during this period and how Sgt. Pepper […]

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